The lake is located at Ipesi in Akoko South-East and it is about 115km from Akure – the state capital. The lake which is 1.6km long and 40m wide, has fascinating historical antecedent according to the locals. The word “Ebomi” is an adulteration of a Yoruba word “Abami”.

Situated in the pristine forests of Ipesi-Akoko enclave, are the marvellous waters of Ebomi Lake, flowing gracefully below the dense canopies of verdant forests.

The lake, located at Ipesi-Akoko, is also known as ”the bottomless lake” because of its depth which is difficult to estimate. It stretches though a distance of about 2km and is about 45m wide, with thick forest canopies subtly camouflaging its steep banks.


According to oral history, the people of Ipesi Akoko met Ebomi Lake at Ipesi and because they couldn’t find the appriopriate words to describe their curiosity about the features of the lake, they decided to call the strangely wide body of water ”Abami’, which literally means ‘mysterious’. This name, with time changed to ”Ebomi” which is the name it is being called to this day.

The lake, according to the inhabitants of Ipesi Akoko, has supernatural powers for protecting the villagers during the times of war. The lake is believed to have unseen shoulders that fight battles for the Ipesi people. In another dimension, the lake deities give the villagers different gifts such as children, fishes, fowls etc.

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